Shabbat in Osaka

by Peter Marck, IPO Principal Bassist

Shabbat evening in Osaka was marked with Kiddush while listening to the IPO concert of Schubert and Mahler recorded on Wednesday and broadcast by the NHK (Japan’s national public broadcasting organization). Afterwards we went for neighborhood sushi. We stayed at a particularly good hotel, rated number 1 in Osaka by Trip Advisor. The conversation at breakfast involved the amenities and gadgets in the room: Italian coffee maker and Japanese tea service, a bathtub with television and water-proof remote, a shower that included full-body spray, electronic curtains and a toilet with functions controlled by push-button: spray, bidet, pressure (?), oscillate (?), power deodorizer…and I imagine all the combinations.
We were on endless Shinshaibashi shopping street with every brand name and store you can dream of: Prada to simplest udon soup.
Rehearsal and concert in the evening.44  traditional fast food

45  Shopping in Osaka