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The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is proud to support the young men and women of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) – and we invite you to join us!

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) has an unwavering commitment to lift up those who risk their lives defending Israel.

That’s why the Ticket Subsidy Program provides free concert tickets to IDF soldiers.

By opening our doors for free, we give these heroes hope and inspiration, a refuge from their challenges, and a community to call home.

We send a clear message to IDF soldiers that we value their service. We appreciate their dedication. And we honor their sacrifice.

Your support of the AFIPO’s Annual Fund helps guarantee the future of this life-changing work.

Join us in giving the gift of music to more IDF soldiers. Become a supporter of the Ticket Subsidy Program.


Moments in History: IPO Performing for the IDF

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra has a historic connection to the soldiers of the IDF. Since before the inception of the State of Israel, the IPO has dedicated time and resources to bringing music to Israel’s soldiers – no matter where they serve. From the Golan to the Gaza border, the IPO has traversed the nation, bringing world-class music to Israel’s most courageous heroes.


1948: Leonard Bernstein Conducts Musicians in Concert for IDF Soldiers Fighting for the Creation of the State of Israel in Be’er Sheva


Six Day War: IPO Holds a Special Concert for Soldiers in Refidim Army Camp in the Sinai Fighting to Protect the State of Israel


2010: Conductor Zubin Mehta and IPO Musicians in Concert for Captured Soldier Gilad Shalit at the Gaza Border to Support His Safe Return Home