Finishing the Tour

by Peter Marck, IPO Principal Bassist

The IPO completed its tour of the Far East with visits to Xiamen and Zhuhai in the south of China. Zhuhai sits between Macau and Hong Kong. A bridge will soon connect the three cities making Zhuhai the center of this financial/vacation/gambling powerhouse. It is also a lovely area with long beaches and a promenade along the sea that stretches forever; it’s a bit like Florida.

From the concert hall we could see Macau across the river. After the last concert the Orchestra was invited by the local presenter to celebrate 20 years of visits in China. In 1994 we were first in China with Itzhak Perlman in Beijing and Shanghai. Many of us still remember the crowds of bicycles and construction sites which have now become roads and buildings.

At the reception the Mayor of Zhuhai spoke of their cultural aspirations and then a hand print of Zubin Mehta was made for the concert hall.

From Zhuhai, we went by ferry to the Hong Kong airport. The flight was straight home with a little delay of 4 hours; 2 days off then back to rehearsing for the IPO Gala at the Hilton.

71  Hand imprint ceremony 74  Concert hall Zhuhai