Back on Tour

by Peter Marck, IPO Principal Bassist

Three weeks ago the Israel Philharmonic returned from Budapest after 13 days in Siberia, the Baltic Countries and Eastern Europe; yesterday we landed in Bangkok for the beginning of the Far East tour. In between, we performed at Israel Music Week’s final concert and opened the IPO’s 79th Season with concerts of Ein Heldenleben and Mahler’s Second Symphony, The Resurrection.

1  quiet moment in the lobby

In all, we managed to squeeze in 13 rehearsals and 9 concerts. Denis Matsuyev, who was our host at the “Star of the Baikal Festival” in Siberia, was the soloist in Rachmaninov’s Third Piano Concerto. At his final concert in Tel Aviv, the “Jeans” season opener, he also improvised a jazz encore! Between Europe and the Far East, Tel Aviv was a nice stopover.

This month’s tour includes appearances in Bangkok, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and China. After landing in Bangkok, musicians had to choose between “foot massage” or “food massage” before sleeping off some jet lag. First rehearsal: 10:00 in the morning!