A Legacy of Vision

A Legacy of Vision

The AFIPO’s Bronislaw Huberman Society is dedicated to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s future.

Bronislaw Huberman was already a world-famous violinist when he dedicated himself to the creation of an orchestra in Palestine that would save Jewish musicians and establish a classical music tradition in the future nation.

Today, his personal legacy of vision, commitment, and generosity is the bedrock of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra‘s mission.

Donors who create a legacy gift through the American Friends of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra join other like-minded individuals. They share their vision and generosity to help the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra remain a preeminent source of music performance and music education in Israel and a welcome cultural ambassador around the world.

“When donors make known their intention to leave a Legacy Gift to the AFIPO in a will or trust, or as a beneficiary of a bank account, life insurance policy or retirement plan, they become members of our Bronislaw Huberman Society,” explained AFIPO East Coast Regional Director Cheryl Kohn.

“We have had a long attachment to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, hearing it perform in the U.S. and in Israel,” said new members to the Society. “By making a legacy gift, we hope that our children and their children are motivated to continue this relationship. We are very appreciative that the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is helping secure the orchestra’s future.”

“Taking this active stance in relaying estate plans to AFIPO enables our organization to immediately recognize the donor and family members – to the extent they so wish — and foster meaningful engagement,” Kohn said. “This is a privilege we welcome, and we encourage donors to inform AFIPO about their plans.”

Legacy Giving, or planned giving, is something that anyone can participate in.

“Oftentimes individuals think it’s only for people who have an enormous fortune to leave behind. But it’s an opportunity for everyone and, in fact, can enhance a person’s estate giving plans for the family,” she said. “A legacy gift ultimately reflects the donor’s values, and underscores his or her profound loyalty and trust in the mission of the organization.” 

Making a planned gift not only helps sustain the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra – its tours, concerts, and KeyNote education programs – it affirms the orchestra’s importance for the donor’s family and loved ones, ensuring that the values one cherishes are transmitted to future generations.

“Protecting one’s family is first and foremost,” Kohn stressed. “This is the next level, and a very good way to work with the family members. When young adults see that this is a very good and responsible thing to do, they better appreciate their elder’s values and passions. It might encourage them to continue to be supportive in that way.”


For more information about how to create a Legacy Gift, visit the AFIPO Legacy Giving web page, or contact Cheryl Kohn at 212-697-2949 or ckohn@afipo.org


This material is general in nature and may not apply to all individuals.  Individuals are urged to consult with their own tax and financial advisors concerning the benefits and consequences of making a planned gift.


Did you know?

The IRA giving provision permits tax-free distributions to AFIPO from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) held by an individual age 701/2 or older.  This law allows you to use your IRA to make a charitable gift that is excluded from your gross income and count towards your required minimum distribution.  This is a great way to make a year-end gift!  Act by December 31 to make your 2017 contribution to AFIPO by a tax-free IRA gift. 

Other restrictions apply; for full details please contact your tax advisor.